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Hell on the Eastern Front

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Site updated 10/4/2008

Welcome to Europa Twilight.

The fate of the war hangs in the balance as two mighty armies prepare to meet at Kursk. Can Germany regain its momentum after the disaster of Stalingrad and the Sixth Army or will Russia turn the tide of the war and roll onwards to into the West?

Great armies of men and machines fought across the battle front of Eastern Europe in World War Two. This Tournament is about seeing if history can be changed by refighting various battles of the eastern front.

Will Germany and its Blitzkrieg warfare be victorious or will the Russians and their mammoth armies of men and machines prevail?

Now is your chance to fight to change or retain history!

This is the site for the Europa Twilight Campaign, all information about the campaign can be found here.

Please take the time to look around the site and see if you would like to play in Europa Twilight.

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Hell on the eastern front