Pacific Twilight

Campaign Rules

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Update: August 29th 2006
The battles have begun and now fate is in the players hands.

Campaign Rules

Campaign Rules
The campaign will follow standard Steel Panthers rules as used on the Blitz website in regards to scoreing, setup, gameplay and ettiquete but there will be several other rules that are optional and compulsory. See Optional rules and Battles for more information.
Also used in this campaign will be Random Factors.
Random Factors
Random factors are based on a number between 0 to 9 as assigned by each player. Before the setup the referee will choose a number at random (by rolling a ten sided dice) between 0 to 9 and compare it with the players random factor numbers.
Random factors like in the wargames of old can change the course of a battle or a turn by changing the weather/visibility, day or night, allowing new or extra units or giving a point bonus. They can be good or bad for both players depending on who is closest to the random factor.
If both players guess get the random factor or are eqidistant from it then both are subjected to the same good or bad factors and no player is penalised.
Please note: the random factor number works on a circular system so that 9 and zero are considerd next to eachother to allow players to choose numbers other than those in the middle range (4,5 and 6).
Rounds are two months long, players who go over their limit will be penalised at 20 points a day and 1 tournament point per week.
Players are able to take reinforcements but the units bought must still conform with the ratios in the game setup, ie if only 15% of tanks are allowed to be bought at the setup of the battle then only 15% of tanks may be bought as reserves.
Please note: if a player goes a few points over in his % limit when getting reinforcemnets we will not penalise, but anything over 50 points will be penalised. It is understandable to be a few points over when calling reinforcements, but any obvious violations are not acceptable.

Optional Rules

Optional Rules
The optional rules that will be in use in the tournament will be rules 1 and 2. Please note that while players must submit an intel number at the start of each round they do not have to select core forces if they do not wish to.
There are several optional rules which may be used in this campaign. These rules must be agreed on by 3/4s of all players competing or they will not be used.
These rules are:
1. Intel Option - The intel option is where players assign a number between 0 and 99 as their intel numbers (players choose a new number if at the start of each battle). In the first round players try to guess their opponents number. if they are correct or are within a certain ange they will be able to get extra information in regards to their opponents forces and positions.
20 to 10: Approximate Force Positions
If the guess is within 20 to 10 of the number then the player will receive map hex numbers for any large force clusters that his opponent may have. ie, Tanks and infantry in large numbers around 34,27 or Point 45 (terrain reference)
9 to 5: Force Percentages
If the guess is within  9 to 5 then the player will receive the same as above and percentages of all enemy units units, ie Tanks at 45%.
4 to 2: List of major units on OOB
If the guess is from 4 to 2 then a list of major units on the OOB and their approximate location will be given, ie 6 Sherman tanks around 34,27 or point 23.
1: Detailed OOB
If a correct guess is made of the intel numebr a full enemy OOB and locations of major unit clusters will be given.
Please note that all intel is given from starting positions of forces from the first round of forces at the battle. Any subsequent movement is not accounted for and players may place forces as decoys if they wish should their intel be given. Also any OOB information does not take into account any reinforcements unless selected in the deployment phase.
2.Core Forces
Players may opt to choose core forces such as tanks, artillery or infantry but this option can only be chosen at the beginning of the tournament and once choosen must always be followed despite the type of battle, terrain or other factors.
Core forces can gain the option to upgrade by the referee allowing more points to be spent beyond alloted percentages for the battle as well as units that may normally not be chosen.
Also any player taking core forces will gain extra points (based on the score for the battle) at the end of each battle. 5% extra will be allocated if the player losses and 10% if the player wins.
Core foreces can only be one of the following
Tanks - 2 Companies.
Artillery - 2 Batteries
Infantry - 2 Battalions.
It is important to note that in some battles (such as para drops or amphibious assualts) ceratin units may not be available, if your core units are not compatible for such a battle scenario (such as tanks in a paradrop)then you are not allowed to take those units for that battle despite having chosen them as your core. If this happens you must choose units that are compatable and will gain no core units bonus for that battle. Infantry are the only units which are always available and as such are recomended as your core choice. If you choose otherwise and find yourself unable to take them into battle such are the fortunes of war.
Note: In some battles victory is not detremined by points but by gaining objectives, in these situations points will still be awarded but have no bearing on the outcome of the battle.
3. Option Down
Players who win a battle but do not wish to progress to their assigned battle may OPTION DOWN. For example this means that a player who won his previous battle but does not wish to fight the following battle as located on the battle track may option down from an assualt to an advance or meeting battle (if round 4) or from an assualt to a meeting battle (if round 3). Players may do this for any reason but in doing so are GIVING UP THE ADVANTAGE TO THE ENEMY and are therefore subject to penalties.
The penalties for optioning down are either a 20% loss of points at the end of the battle or their oponent has two intel choices (to be decided by the referee).

The Referee.