Pacific Twilight

Results and Score

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The results of each battle and the overall score of players will be posted here after each battle.
Round 1:
Matchups: (All games completed)
TankJockey vrs Jadpanther (game finished - see below)
Vesku vrs Model (game finished - see below)
VonBismack vrs IwoJim (game finished - see below)
Hellman vrs Weasel (game finished - see below)
Sgt Drigget vrs Wigam (game in progress)
Beppe42 vrs Yogi (game finished - see below)
Stonefire vrs Gallaherd (game finished - see below)
Gneral Sp vrs Island General (game finished - see below)
Completed Games:
VonBismarck (Japan) vrs IwoJim (USMC)
VonBismarck wins
VonBismarck gets 3 points
Iwojim gets 1 point
Vesku (Japan) vrs Model (US Army)
Vesku wins
Vesku gets 3 points
Model gets 1 point
Hellman (Japan) vrs Weasel (2nd Aus MG)
Hellman wins
Hellman gets 3 points
Weasel gets 1 point
Stonefire (Japan) vrs Gallaherd (US Army)
Stonefire wins
Stonefire gets 3 points
Gallaherd gets 1 point
Tank Jockey (Japan) vrs Jadpanther (US Army)
Jadpanther wins
Tank Jockey gets 1 point
Jadpanther gets 3 points
General SP (Japan) vrs Island General (US Army)
General SP wins
General SP gets 3 points
Island General gets 1 point
Sgt Drigget (Japan) vrs Wigam (NZ)
Sgt Drigget abandons game so Wigam wins by default
Sgt Drigget gets 0 points (removed from the Tourney player list)
Wigam gets 3 points (outcome will not affect battletrack)
Beppe42 (Japan) vrs Yogi (USMC)
Beppe42 wins
Beppe42 gets 3 points
Yogi gets 1 point
Round 2:
VonBismarck vrs Jadpanther (game finished - see below)
Vesku vrs Gallaherd (game finished - see below)
Stonefire vrs Island General (game finished - see below)
Hellman vrs Weasel (game finished - see below)
General Sp vrs Model (game finished - see below)
Beppe42 vrs Iwo Jim (game finished - see below)
Tank Jockey vrs Yogi (game finished - see below)
Sgt Alex vrs Wigam (game abandond)
Hellman (Japan) vrs Weasel (2nd Aus MG)
Hellman gets 2 points
Weasel gets 2 points
Tank Jockey (Japan) vrs  Yogi (US Army)
Yogi Wins
Yogi gets 3 points
Tank Jockey gets 1 point
Vesku (Japan) vrs Gallaherd (US Army)
Vesku Wins
Vesku gets 3 points
Gallaherd gets 1 point
VonBismarck (Japan) vrs Jadpanther (USMC)
VonBismarck gets 2 points
Jadpanher gets 2 points
Sgt Alex (Japan) vrs Wigam (NZ)
Sgt Alex abandons the game so Wigam wins by the default (again!)
Sgt Alex gets 0 points
Wigam gets 3 points
General SP (Japan) vrs Model (US Army)
General SP gets 2 points
Model gets 2 points
Stonefire (Japan) vrs Island General (USMC)
Stonefire wins
Stonefire gets 3 points
Island General gets 1 point
Beppe42 (Japan) vrs IwoJim (USMC)
Beppe42 wins
Beppe42 gets 3 points
IwoJim gets 1 point
Round 3:
Stonefire vrs Yogi (game finished see below)
General SP vrs Jadpanther (game finished see below)
Vesku vrs Weasel (Game finished see below)
VonBismarck vrs Model (game defaulted see below)
Hellman vrs Iwojim (Game finished see below)
Beppe42 vrs Island General (Game scrubbed see below)
Tank Jockey vrs Wigam (Game finished see below)
Vesku (Japan) Vrs Weasel (2nd Aus MG)
Weasel Wins
Weasel gets 3 points
Vesku gets 1 point
Stonefire (Japan) vrs Yogi (USMC)
Stonefire wins
Stonefire gets 3 points
Yogi gets 1 point
Beppe42 (Japan) vrs IslandGeneral (US Army)
IslandGeneral abandons game so Beppe42 wins by default
Beppe42 gets 3 points
IslandGeneral gets 0 points
TankJockey (Japan) vrs Wigam (USMC)
Wigam wins
Wigam gets 3 points
TankJockey gets 1 point
Hellman (Japan) vrs IwoJim (USMC)
Hellam wins
Hellman gets 3 points
IwoJim gets 1 point
General SP (Japan) vrs Jadpanther (USMC)
General SP gets 2 points
Jadpanther gets 2 points
VonBismarck (Japan) vrs Model (US Army)
Model wins
VonBismarck gets 1 point
Model gets 3 points
Round 4:
Stonefire vrs Jadpanther
Hellman vrs Yogi
General SP vrs Wigam
Vesku vrs IwoJim
VonBismarck vrs Weasel
Beppe42 vrs Model
Stonefire (Japan) vrs Jadpanther (USMC)
Stonefire wins
Stonefire gets 3 points
Jadpanther gets 1 points
Vesku (Japan) vrs IwoJim (ANZAC)
Vesku Wins
Vesku gets 3 points
Iwojim gets 1 point
Beppe42 (Japan) vrs Model (USMC)
Beppe 42 wins
Beppe 42 gets 3 points
Model gets 1 point
Hellman (Japan) vrs Yogi (US Army)
Yogi wins
Hellman gets 1 point
Yogi gets 3 points
General SP (Japan) vrs Wigam (ANZAC)
General SP gets 2 points
Wigam gets 2 points
VonBismarck (Japan) vrs Weasel (ANZAC)
VonBismarck gets 2 points
Weasel gets 2 points

Results of battles
At the end of each round excluding the first, the player who scored the least ammount of points that round  (Tournament points given based on the outcome of the battle) will be dropped from the tournament, if there is a tie then the the ammount of battle points accumulated will be used to decide. But in the first round no players will be dropped, these rules will only occur in rounds two, three and four.
Despite how the outcome for the first battle and its affects on the direction of the tornament, it is the individual players outcomes which will determine their position. If you are a Japanese player but the US won at Gudalcanal (meaning that all future battles are played out on the left side of the battle track) you are still able to win the tournament by gaining victories in battle. Preventing your opponent from winning is important despite which side of the battle track you play.
First Round battles
The object of the first round is to determine which direction the battletrack will take. If the Japanese forces gain more victories then all future battles will be determined by the japanese side of the battletrack (an alternate history). If the US gains more victoiries then it will go to the US side (regular history). If it is a draw then first round battlepoints will be used to determine the direction.
Please note: the outcome of the first battle and the subsequent direction of the battletrack will affect all players. It will determine what types of battles will be fought based on past outcomes (see the battles page for more info)
The Winner
The winner of the tournament will be the player who is the most successful overall.
To achieve this players must attempt to win as many battles as possible, position on the battle track is simply used to determine which types of battles will be fought
If more than one player is equal in points then there will be a Bonus round to decide the winner vrs the remaining opponents from the opposing side.
There are two scoreing systems in Pacific Twilight one for individual games (Battle points) and one for progress through the tournament (Tournament points).
The Battle points scoreing system is based on the standard Steel Panthers scoreing sytem if it is a search and destroy battle but what has changed is only in some battles is victory determined by points, in others it is based on VHs held (Take and hold). 
Players can only get a win, loss or draw  from their games. In games based on points then the SP calculation system will be used, in VH based games it will not and a simple count of VHs will be taken. There is no such thing as a medium victory in this tournament, it is simply counted as a victory.
This means that each battle will have a specific outcome (battle points) whcih will then be converted into tournament points to plot a players progress overall.
outcome values
win = 3 points
draw = 2 points
loss = 1 point
For example:
Japanese player A wins his first battle (take and hold) and gains 3 tournament points. US player A losses his first battle and only gains 1 tournament point.
Round 1 totals.        US                      Japan
                        (loss)  1                 (win)   3
In round two, Japanese player A has a draw (search and destroy) and US player A has a victory (search and destroy also). Japan player A gains 2 points and US player A gains 3 points
Round 2 totals.       US                      Japan
                       (win)  3                  (draw) 2
Totals overall           4                          5
This process would continue until the final round of the tournament in which the player with the highest tournament points will be declared the winner. If two players have equal points then in the final round and if they are on opposite sides a bonus round will commence.
If the two equal players are on the same side then the ammount of battle points gained (this includes points taken from take and hold scenarios (remeber they are just not used to determine the outcome of the battle but are still recorded)) throughout the tournament will be used to decide the winner or if both players agree they may fight a special bonus battle (settle some of those grudges eh?).

Free parking.

Pacific Twilight Points ladder
Tourney Points
Based on 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss.

Stonefire -        12/final score
Beppe42 -         12/final score
Wigam -           11/final score
Vesku -             10/final score
Hellman -           9/final score
General SP -      9/final score
Jadpanther -      8/final score
Yogi -               8/final score
VonBismarck -   8/final score
Weasel -          8/final score
Model -            7/final score
Iwo Jim -          4/final score
Tank Jockey -   3/final score
Gallaherd -       2/final score
Island General -  2/final score
Battle Points
Based on points awarded by the SP engine. Percentage in brackets indicates how much of the score is bonus points which are
awarded if the players has taken the core force option, which means they get a bonus of 10% for a win, 8% for a draw and 5% for a loss added to the points total for each battle. Also players may gain an extra 5% based on the random factor.

Hellman -  29752
Stonefire -  29087 (15%)
Yogi - 26040
Jadpanther -  25577 (5%)
General SP - 24685
Vesku -  22206 (5%)
Beppe42 - 18620 (15%)
Iwo Jim -  18362
Weasel - 16870  (8%)
VonBismarck -  16476(8%)
Model -  14668 (5%) 
Wigam -  13666 (8%)
Tank Jockey -  10167 (5%)
Island General - 6023 (5%)
Gallaherd -  3452

Pacific Twilight Itel Outcomes
Intel Outcomes - Round 1
This table shows those players who scored on the Intel chart and what they got. note the smaller the number the closer to the Opponents intel score.
Round 1
Jadpanther -  19
Vesku -  1 (very close)
Hellman -  14
Weasel -  14
General SP -  0 (full intel discloseure
Yogi - 2 (very close)
Round 2
Weasel - 19
Sgt Alex - 17
General SP - 16
IwoJim - 11
Round 3
Stonefire - 17
Island General - 12
Tank Jockey - 14
Wigam - 9
Hellman - 1 (very close)
General SP - 9
Round 4
Jadpanther - 9
Wigam - 16

 AARs (After Action Reports)
Round 1
Gallaherd and Stonefire
Well Tojo, welcome back. Come and die for the Emperor.
Hello Yankee
To die for the Holy Emperor is a great honour for the entire human
Killing some white devils in the process is even a greater honour;-)
Dear Little Yellow Man: We have decided to honor you by colonizing your
homeland after we win.  You will learn to love Elvis.
Gallaherd the Generous
Dear Fat White Boy.
If that should happen - which it never will of cause - then we will
your country with cheap products from Toshiba, Suzuki, Toyota,
Funai .............
Dear Little Slant Eyed Person
Why don't you come out and fight like a proper civilized army?  This
and sneaking around is so not Bushido.
Dear Redneck with the big belly.
First you must come out of all the small teahouses you have built for
and your cross-eyed whores in the protected jungle.
Then we can talk Bushido.
Dear Little Monkey Man:
Please stop killing innocent natives in their defenseless huts.  The
folks put a couple of logs together to shield them from the rain and
blow them up.  Shameless!
My dear logheaded friend.
Understand that those civilians are squatters on a protected nature
They are just to be relocated to a far more exiting place in our new
province in the Outer Mongolia, where they will live happily ever
We are just a few scientists from the JNFA (Japanese Nature and Forest
Agency), who comes here to save and protect the natural habitat for the
endangered species of the snoutang (small mammal living in the mud
drivelling out of your ears). So why are you shooting at us?
Dear Inferior Oriental:
We do you a favour by sending you to your ancestors.  Perhaps you will
back as a civilized westerner.  And for our kindness your reply is just
wanton destruction.  Shame on you.
Dear High-assed Barbarian.
Shame on yourself - Here we come to bring you the peace and
tranquillity of
the eastern civilisation,
Where you lie flat on the ground, meditating eternally and listen to
grass growing 2 ft. above your head.
But your boneheads simply cannot understand a higher culture, can you
Dear Slant Eyed Devil Monkey:
Please keep your lousy 150mm rain on your side of the island.  Don't
mess up
our environment with your metal waste.
Dear chickenbrained imbecile cowhearder.
There is not such thing as your side of the island, both belongs to his
Divine Imperial Majesty.
And it is NOT metal waste, but valuable minerals to enrich the soil,
enhance the environment.
Dear Slant Eyed Robot:
We would be happy to give you the island if you were only man enough to
Dear spineless lowlife person.
I am - I am - I'm just taking my time to get rid of the bugs that has
infected this lovely place on the Earth first.
Allied HQ announced today that minor Jap attacks have been noticed on
Guadalcanal.  No significant damage has occurred.
A lull during the time of war:
On a small island near Guadalcanal, a scientific Imperial mission has
met a
similar US operation.
The meeting has been friendly on a pure scientific level, disputing in
purely academic way.
The Americans has agreed that the island is within the Imperial
territory, and will be leaving in a few hours.
We knew you'd be back to absorb some more punishment.  You may
surrender at
any time, with all proper shame.
Superior Western Guy
Thank you.
I shall return the welcome in the way it was given.
To whom should I surrender?
Dead American bodies, or to the owners of the boots, who I see running
the jungle with the tail between their legs?
Sorry I can’t stop laughing - your western fools are so funny :-))
So you Japs wear those thick glasses because you can't see the jungle
the trees hey?  We simply have gotten tired of inflictin so many
on you and are giving you a break.  We don't want to demoralize you.
Our thanks to young Lt. George Bush for writing this completely factual
Send my regards to Mr. Bush - he will make it far in show business some
As long as Lt. Bush does not go into politics everything will be OK for
the US.
He will only if you vote for him - that's the weakness of you decadent
so-called western democracy.
As we say: "are the majority the wisest, or just the largest"
Dear Little Midget People:
If you're not careful we're going to have to start calling you really
names - so just turn around and head back to Japan and your near
sighted brothers.
------ sprpftzzz - sprpftzzz - (Sound of an old 78 rpm record in the
jungle) -- Where have all the soldiers gone??
Well most of us are just in a very sound sleep.  We get so bored
killing jap
We have sent some fireworks in you direction to wake you up and
the liberation of this Nature reserve.
So now we almost have you where we want you.
What a great misunderstanding, then we have fought for nothing.
Because we are exactly where we want to be.
You should have told us before you started shooting at us.
But maybe your young Lt. Bush will learn something from that.
So have you been punished enough?  The situation looks pretty
Perhaps the game will stop the slaughter.
You bring most honour to you family and country - assaulting with Ammo
Carriers are good Bushido!
Bring my regards to your ancestors when you meet them - probably very

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane -no it's 150mm mortars.
Return fire with rocks.  Results not fully satisfactory. Seen enemy,
killed by same.
The Japs were to make the main push in the north with 3 inf companies and armor support. 2 companies were to cross the river in the center. When the battle started it became clear that the weather had changed since initial planning, and the 2 companies could not cross the river as planned, they had to head north. Meanwhile the other companies met sporadic resistance and 81 mm mortar fire that hammered constantly every turn suppressing the troops. Good spirits held morale high, and in the last turn all but one objective was taken. This was really a race against time.
Japanese forces were intially held up but stubborn marines and danger
close mortar fire.  However, lack of reserves forced the marines to give
ground in face of a determined Japanese commander intent on his objectives.  When all was said and done their were only numerous bodies to be buried and
prisoners to be marched away.
You know the map, river running N-S through the map.
Japan had a foot hold of the east bank at north and
had to start behind the river in south. I massed my
troop north of the bridge, only a reinforced company
was south. First thing I noticed was that the troops
have no rafts so southern force was useless, then I
noticed that it is raining so my northern forces were
in trouble, they couldn't reach all the objectives
even if I send them to the trails and open at the
Early turns were used to send scouts and cavalry
forward to see what and where, using arty to suppress
and save time which was essential. Scouts did hit
engineers in the northern woods and were quickly taken
out, in the middle my arty and quick units scored some
kills and lost some.
Battle continued between my charging cavarly company,
supported with my score of tanks and scouts, and
Marine troops deployed in a defencing chain along the
eastern edge of the clear running from the bridge
towards NE. Arty played a crucial part in the fight
helping my cavalry in their very hard job.

Occationally my footmen reached the front and helped
what they could. US Marines did couple of nasty
counter attacks with armour taking out half my armour.
On turn 15 only one squad of footmen was lost while
only one cavarly squad was still in game. At that
point my reinforcement motorcycles arrived to the
front and sealed the fate of the battle although about
half of them were immod in the tough terrain before
reaching the battle.
Clear weather would have made this too easy so maybe
it  was not the most balanced battle but now it was
nerve wrecking in the early parts. I was surprised how
easily Japs were able to take out the marines, even
raiders and engineers with flamer.
It would be nice to hear how my opponent perveived the
same battle.
The Jap's hit us the first few minutes
of the battle it was touch and they
advanced under the cover of deadly 150mm motar rounds
and a smoke screen. The marines clung to the ground
trying to avoid being decimated.  Thinking to
themselves that they did not have the firepower to
turn back this Banzai charge supported by at least 10
tanks.  Fortunately an inteligence breakthru allowed
reinforcements to be rushed to the front only 10
minutes after the battle started.  These tanks rushed
to the danger points and blunted the Jap's push.  Hand
to hand fighting ensued but the jap morale was broken
on the southern part of the MLR.  After just 32minutes
the battle ended with more than half the marines and
their support wiped out.
...quotes from the opening days of the Guadacanal
Round 3
After Action Report:
The battle plan was based upon the terrain and the poor vision of the slat eyed devils.  As expected, the yellow runts came charging the pennisula with hopes of an early sake party.  To counter the charge, big shore batteries were place for direct and crossfire at the middle finger of Darwin.  They targeted transports with armor and secondarily transports with troops.  They did their job but as expected, were limited by the cowardly use of smoke.  To slow the jap mass, artillery priority sites were placed near tank traps and expected routes of travel.  The yellow buggers finally broke out from the pennisula at the eighth turn but were met with deadly fire from outnumbered armoured cars and sherman tanks.  A constant threat was jap air attack with poor AA fire from stressed USA troops.  I do believe that yellow emporer was personally directing their heavy guns as they were accurate and were blessed with an ungodly amount of ammo.  I must admit that the battle may have been lost because of poor intelligence of our commander.  It may have been a lack of intelligence but reserves were mistakely not allowed to arrive until after the tenth turn when they could have been used several turns earlier.   This may have kept the horde back for several turns and prevented them from capturing inland v hexes.  Not all hexes were lost but enough for a loss.  Remember, the only good bug is a dead bug.....
A survivor....
dan: the horses need to go.....even though it was discovered that they were super cav, they ate up so many shots and killed a fair amount of armour before that happened.....and when they did attack, it was with the force of a was unreal that they could swim across the sea and not need transports.
It was a very close figth, as for me having the
most V-hexes I must ask if you was aware
of the 2 hexes who was designed not to be recaptured (the one on east point, and the obe north of East Point.
You have me really bottled up, and actually I think that the "rarity on" situation, helped the japanese in the end.
As you saw I had just a few Landing Crafts - the game instead provided me with the ka-tsu heavy amphibian, who is not as
fast on water as a LCR, but provided me with a very mobile force when I gotpast your antitank devises.
Had I com ashore with only tanks and infantry, and the anphibian trucks Ihad bought, i'm not sure I had made it.
The map - with the east point giving me such a short distance to the shore, was a benefit too.
A true mission impossible, two options going at it in
the open against allied armour for 20 turns which
would have been suicide or fighting for 15 turns in
the town where Jap infantry could use its strengths. I
decided to try to rush the town.
Nothing went right in this one, it's raining which was
expected, only three dozers available, the bloody HQ
planted all infantry in landing crafts that move 3
hexes per turn in water. I worked several hours with
the setup to get as much troops in the bigger crafts
as possible to have some sort of first wave with my
armour. Once the first crafts landed so did enemy
arty, one battery of 155mm and two of 105mm guns kept
my troops in the landing zone very firmly, troops
vanished in the shelling but some crept forward
removing the few scouts scanning the sea. It took a
lot more crawling and slow fighting but Japs moved
forward with alarming casualties against Sherman Vs,
AECs and blocked roads. Only casualties to allied
armour was infilted by flamers and infantry assaults.
Between turns 6-8 my infantry was finally reaching the
beach but enemy bombardment delayed them so much that
it was on turn 10 that the advancing could finally
start. In five turns it was a mad rush against deadly
hale of shells, only bright spot was my arty which
helped me gain what I did, 8 objectives.
Round 4

Evaluation of map and equipment forced Japanese force
to try to lure the trapping enemy into a trap of our
own. The central hills were chosen for the spot of a
concentrated line of engineers, AT-teams and guns
supported by a dozen tanks.

The plan worked as the few scouts spotted several
Fireflies, Shermans and HTs closing in from north and
south. Sniping guns behind lines of infantry caused
plenty of damage and were intact in the end, tanks
failed to deliver more than a kill or two before being
shot to pieces by superior allied tanks.

Truely this was a trap in the desert but maybe not on
the side intended.