Pacific Twilight


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Here you can sign up, complain to us about the crappy website design or shoddy refereeing, correct our torrible spleeeling, and unforgivable historical inaccuracies. Feel free to.

100 meters dash on Iwo Jima


Sign Up
Ok first things first. Email me ( if you want to join up and have the chance to remake history or save it. All you need to do is express your intrest and what side youd like to be on, but remember that if too many people choose the same side someone will have to change sides, also take time to read the rules section and decide if you would like any of the optional rules to be in the tournament and what your regimental number is (if you have chosen one).
Also have a look through the site and see if there is anything that looks out of place or is not explained and let me know so i can fix it.
It would also help if you looked at the battle track and became familiar with how it works, you can see that things only really hot up at round three. If you dont understand it Ok, its really simple, but email me and Ill get some extra info out to you.
If you have any problems of any kind with myself, my shoddy ;) refereeing, another player or any other problems (excepting situations like your own shoddy govt, marital status, or your crummy job :) then dont hesitate to contact me.
Our Aim
We are a profesional when it comes to this kinda thing, we have roleplayed for over 20 years and wargamed for just as long, we have also run campaigns, battles and tournaments for as long as we can remember and while we are not perfect (although close) we strive to give you the player an intresting and enjoyable time while throwing in a few thrills, pulling the rug out from under you and making you think for your money (what money?)
What you need to do
To paraphrase James Brown (in a Steel Panthers kinda way) is to Get Funky. Have some fun and enjoy the battles, only the lowest on each side is dropped in rounds 2,3 and 4 and no one is dropped in the first round so you will get at least 2 battles before you go and likely more.Also if you have any ideas how to make this tournament better then let me know, i only have 2 brains so i need all the help i can get.